The Progression of Word of Mouth Marketing Through Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing is the most powerful tool for reaching customers. And word-of-mouth marketing has progressed aggressively thanks to social media. We have progressed from push marketing to pull marketing. Of course, push marketing has worked for some—Beyoncé anyone? But now word-of-mouth is more powerful than any Kim Kardashian Instagram photo (no hyperlink needed). Do you trust recommendations from paid celebrities more than recommendations from peers, friends or family members?

We have all seen the bad and good effects of word-of-mouth. If managed properly, it can definitely work in your favor, with the right people on your team. Identifying your consumer advocates is the key to effective word-of-mouth marketing. You must be able to identify those consumer advocates with not only the most social media influence, but also those consumer advocates with the largest spending value, which requires integrating your digital efforts with your offline efforts. Sometimes the most influential and the most financially valuable customer can be the same, other times they are not. Use data and research to determine if there’s a difference, drive creativity and to formulate a strategy to reach your consumer advocates. Need help? Contact me here.