Remixing & Repurposing Content

Remix It Content

Ever visited a brands social network  Sure a link to a relevant article by USA Today doesn’t necessarily hurt your brand. But why direct your audience to an article and have them share someone else’s work? You should at least give your opinion on the article or better yet, repurpose it.

Your social media sites should be a snap shot of your brand, and it should tell an interesting story. Yes, I know for many, time and resources are limited. But the key to abiding by this “unspoken” rule is repurposing. Here are  3 ways you can repurpose content:

1. Fill in the content gap. You just saw a banging infographic about your industry. Your first instinct is to retweet it. However, what you should do is quite simple. Compose a tweet mentioning the original author of the infographic and include a link to your blog or website with relevant content. If your site doesn’t have anything relevant to the infographic, either the infographic isn’t actually relevant to your audience and brand or you have a content gap. If you have a content gap, fill it and use the infographic accordingly. Also, you have the option of remixing the infographic and crediting its source. See number two.

2. Remix it. You see an amazing graphic by a competitor or an amazing brand. Instead of just thinking it’s cool, remix it. Of course, you want to make sure you’re not doing any copyright infringement. If it’s a competitor, poke fun at their content and express to your audience what makes your brand better. Also, follow brands that master social media like Taco Bell and Denny’s. It’s okay to use them as inspiration.

3. Make it your own. Time Magazine writes an article about the growth of organic food globally. You sale organic pumpkin pies. Your first instinct is to share the article on your Facebook, tweet a link to the article, screenshot the article and post it on your Instagram. That’s cute. But it doesn’t help your brand. Instead, highlight 3-5 main points from the article, make it into a brand relevant graphic and post it on your Instagram. For Facebook and Twitter, post a brand relevant picture with a link to your blog. On your blog summarize the article and end it with a link to the original article. That way your audience understands how the article applies to your brand and its mission.

Follow these steps, and you’ll be three steps closer to telling your social media story.