What Is Great Content? Orange Is the New Black Knows

Great Content OITNB

Orange Is the New Black is not just good content. It’s great content. It can be used as a template for creating great marketing content. Why? It just is. Great content is just that GREAT CONTENT.

Many would like to complicate and define what great content is, but it isn’t rocket science. We’ve been consuming content since the dawn of time. Look at The Bible–that is some EXCELLENT CONTENT. It’s over 2,000 years old and is not just one of the most read pieces of content, but this content also has a large impact. The same can be said about Orange is the New Black. The concept of a comedic drama centered around female prison inmates with episodes being released all at once seems to be counterproductive and a tad bit corny. But somehow Netflix has made me a victim of binge watching. So, what is it that makes Netflix’s content so great?

Of course, great storytelling plays a major role. Here are 5 content lessons to be learned from Netflix’s Orange is the New Black’s major characters:

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Social Media ROI: Finding The Gold At The End of the Rainbow

Social Media ROI

The concept of Social Media ROI is very obscure. It’s like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Is it possible? Can we catch the four-leaf clover? Why, yes. With the evolvement of Big Data, there are several ways to correlate ROI with social media.

The key to tracking social media ROI depends on 3 things:

  1. Your industry/business model.
  2. The scope of your current social media presence and strategy.
  3. And most importantly, your overall business goals.

Now, there will be people, peers, and executives that may not immediately believe that it’s possible. But it’s a lot harder to measure the effectiveness of traditional marketing/advertising (like billboards, radio or TV advertisements) than social media. Data has allowed us to more accurately measure the success of marketing campaigns. (See the successes of Amazon and Netflix’s House of Cards.) Below is just one of the methods for measuring social media ROI:

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5 Steps To Romancing Your Boss With Social Media ROI Metrics


It’s that time of the year where affection is laid on thicker than a snicker—Valentine’s Day. Soon you’ll see Facebook relationship statuses change real fast within a 24 hour time frame. But if you think about it, this “lovey dovey” (or not so “lovey dovey” season) is similar to the relationship executives and marketing managers have—managers proving their love for digital and social media ROI. Determining how to prove your love for social media ROI with concrete evidence is tougher than deciding on whether to use eharmony or match.com.. Here are 5 steps to proving your love to your boss.

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