Growing Evergreen Content

Growing Evergreen Content

School is starting. And although it’s still hot outside, pretty soon the color of the leaves will change and Fall will be here. Just like the season, people’s purchasing habits, needs, wants, and attitudes toward products and brands change also. How do you keep up? Evergreen content.

If you’re in an environment where change is slower than normal, focus on a long-term content marketing plan. Don’t fall victim to keeping up with trends. This form of content development is like picking plants for your garden. Use evergreens as the main source of content on your owned media (i.e. your website), repurpose perennial content, and supplement with seasonal content.

Evergreen Content. This content represents the core of why your business operates. It is the type of content that your audience will bookmark to reference to in the future. For instance, if your line of business is providing financial services, publish content that speaks to your average prospect. This includes tips on saving money, the best time to buy a home, and how to set-up a college fund. Focusing on long-term investments and ways to save money is information just about everyone needs.

Perennial Content. Perennial content is content that has been trending for a longer than normal period of time. There has been a lot of social media sites going public.  A financial institution, for example, would provide tailored content educating customers on how social media companies have performed in the stock market, inform customers about social media companies worth watching, and explain the pros and cons of investing in social media companies.

Seasonal Content. Seasonal content is basically trending content. This type of content would be great for social media and gauging customers’ interest. For a financial institution, it can include tweets about products worth purchasing this holiday season, a Pinterest infographic explaining the history of Black Friday, and a poll asking customers rather or not they’re prepared for holiday shopping.

In short, if your team is lean and resources are scarce, invest most of your time and resources into evergreen content. This content will outlive your competitors and can be supported through perennial and seasonal content.

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