About Me

Larry Lowe, M.S.Who is Larry Lowe, M.S.? And what does the M.S. stand for? Well, the M.S. stands for Masters of Science, in which I majored in Marketing and earned a Certificate in Brand Awareness and Customer Management. And who is Larry Lowe? Well, I’m a lot of things. But to sum it up in one cohesive noun, I would describe myself as a perpetual learner.

What’s a perpetual learner you ask? Well, it started out as a personal joke, due to my affinity to higher education, not only through school, but through experience. Graduating is just the beginning. Many potential employers and clients will always ask like Janet Jackson, “What have you done for me lately?” Coming from a small town where one would have to travel 30 to 45 minutes to attend a movie theater, I have always managed to walk and understand the lifestyle of both the creative and the logical. Growing up, I was an avid band and music geek while also acing Calculus. I would easily relay the vision of a church play while also being able to schedule and gather participants in a timely manner. I guess being a dreamer and the oldest of four has shaped me into being an independent, thorough, focused, hard-working, energetic, and logical thinker. These characteristics have led me into a career in marketing. Initially, I equated marketing with advertising, and I knew I wasn’t great at making ads. Then I thought it was promotion. But I knew there is a more sophisticated way of reaching people, rather than passing out fliers and spamming people through email and Facebook invites. Well, it was through MySpace messages and invites. (Yes, I’m getting old.)

All of a sudden, the amount of time spent on social media became important to marketers. Personal interests were easily tracked; and in world where we are constantly bombarded with advertising and sales pitches, the demand for customization became increasingly vital to effective marketing. This is where I began to see a niche for me. Being able to look at data, derive and apply insights from it and then measure its performance in the terms of dollars has become my forte.

With all of that being said, welcome to TheLarryLowe.com! Here you’ll learn about the ever-changing digital and social media hemisphere through the lens of my experiences and practices. Enjoy!

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